What is the Dolibarr ERP? is Open Source Software to manage your business (ERP & CRM). Web ERP and Open Source CRM software to manage a professional or foundation activity (SMEs, freelancers) or the activities of associations and self-employed people, namely: invoices, products, commercial proposals, contacts, agenda, orders, stocks, projects, tasks , third-party, emailings and hundreds of other features.

What is Sage? It manages accounting, people, operations, payments and banking. It brings together everything you need on a single platform to manage your accounting, finances, operations, people and payroll.

In short, the Dolibarr ERP belongs to the "CRM" category of the technology stack, while the Sage ERP is primarily classified under "Accounting".

We detail below some features offered by Dolibarr which are all free:

Project management

Third Party Management: Customers and Suppliers

CRM / Sales management

Human relations management

CMS and website management

On the other hand, Sage ERP offers the following key features which are all chargeable:




Finance ...

What are the alternatives to Dolibarr and Sage? We mainly find the following ERPs:


It is a specialized solution for open source customer relationship management (CRM) that gives users highly actionable information on which to base critical business decisions, actions and strategies, but it contains less module per Dolibarr report.


Manage your sales, marketing and customer support better with SugarCRM's online CRM software. So this is a specialized ERP for Marketing business.


It is a business management software including CRM, e-commerce, invoicing, warehouse, project management, accounting, manufacturing and inventory management, ERP Odoo c ' is the old ERP which is called OPENERP and which has become chargeable.

Salesforce Sales Cloud:

Sales Cloud puts everything you need right at your fingertips. From social accounts and contacts to mobiles, Chatter and Analytics, as well as collaboration across your global organization.


Pipeline tool for active dealmakers. Be super organized. Close deals in less time. Designed by active sellers and serious web application developers.