Dolibarr is both ERP & CRM which became the first software for the management of professional or associative activities such as the management of contacts, invoices, orders, quotes, stocks, projects, cash flow, diary, etc. ERP Dolibarr is free open source software suitable for SMEs, TPE, self-employed or association, in short it is the best Open Source ERP for the year 2020, It is supported by an association and a French-speaking community.

Dolibarr is stable and intelligent software because it is well built from its initial conception. Modules and themes can be activated according to your needs and additional modules and plugins are available on the Dolistore marketplace and our Dolibarr Store marketplace.

Complementary developments and adaptations of modules and themes are also easily conceivable and supported by hundreds of companies providing services for Dolibarr such as ours.

Dolibarr installation and configuration:

Our Startup Dolibarr Store offers you installation and configuration services for your Dolibarr software and we advise you on the best operating conditions.

Development of specific modules by our Dolibarr experts:

Our Dolibarr Store experts help you develop your specific needs related to your business to which Dolibarr does not respond, or in an incomplete way, we are able to develop new specific modules responding precisely to several core businesses that do not cover Dolibarr.

We have recently developed more than 12 modules and themes for Dolibarr:

1- Dolibarr Extranet - Website and Client Extranet - Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 12.0. *

2- BlueTheme - New theme from Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 12.0. *

3- Staff time clock - Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 12.0. *

4- OrangeTheme - New theme from Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 12.0. *

5- Revolution Pro Theme Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 12.0. *

6- AJAX live search for Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 12.0. *

7- ModernTheme - theme of Dolibarr 6.0.0 - 12.0.3

8- Dolibarr Pay Slip - or Pay Slip

9- Room Management, Reservation and Planning 6.0.0 - 12.0.3

10- Personalization of content for Dolibarr

11- Dolibarr monitoring

12- Advanced Gantt for Dolibarr