An ERP is defined by Enterprise Resource Planning or also called ERP abbreviation of: Integrated Management Software which is characterized as an information system that allows to monitor and manage all the processes and information as well as the services of a company whatever SME, TPE, SMI, or quite simply an ETI.

An ERP or ERP is characterized by the following elements:

  • An ERP is not associated with a single publisher;
  • Can update the information that contains the modules of an ERP in real time without impacting the operation and production of other modules;
  • You can always audit an ERP and easily find the origin of a failure;
  • The ERP contains a scalable and adaptable Information System (IS) even if the company initially chooses to implement only certain ERP modules;
  • And finally the ERP guarantees the uniqueness of the information it hosts.

Why choose an ERP to manage the activity of our company?

Global tech innovation startups evolve day by day, and the digital transformation has profoundly changed the way software and IT tools are used to design business data.

It is in this context that an ERP will allow you to improve productivity and be organized and competitive in terms of spending on the security of your data and your processes, an ERP will help you meet 3 main challenges:

  • Homogenized the common data of a company even if it comes from different services and departments;
  • Standardize business processes;
  • Transform data into actionable and useful information for the proper functioning of the company;

Challenges and digital transformation of EPRs:

Today's ERPs bring to private and state organizations a lot of flexibility of functionality (sometimes called Modules or plugins) of very high performance and quality of operation for each core business, as well as with the new more open ERP architectures, facilitating the integration of new applications and external processes. The Dolibarr ERP offers the best functionalities offered on the market by their competitors but free of charge, it integrates dozens of modules into its core business, it can even be configured for a first level of adaptation to processes, but above all easily programmable. for more advanced developments.

And Dolibarr What is it? Answer: is a simple, connected and secure ERP.

Thanks to the Dolibarr ERP, you can manage your processes and your business more quickly with an ergonomic, secure and intuitive tool for more efficient management of your business activities.

Dolibarr is a simple ERP!

The Dolibarr ERP is characterized in the ERP market among the best management solutions easy to deploy and simple to use, thanks to its use you can have immediate and measurable results.

Dolibarr is a connected ERP!

Thanks to Dolibarr's ability to group together modules in different business sectors, it facilitates collaboration between businesses. It has become the best solution connected to the ecosystem of newly created applications such as: Google drive, dropbox, Gmail suite ...

Dolibarr is a secure ERP!

With its international development community, Dolibarr has become an evolving ERP that is always available and regularly updated in the core business functionalities, always secure and always compliant with the latest regulatory developments in order to guarantee you complete peace of mind and use within your company.