The latest version of Dolibarr 12.0.2 has finally been released with updated significance.


Dolibarr package version 12.0.2 is now available for download

You can download it through the usual SourceForge mirrors


Below is the list of updates deployed in version 12.0.2 of Dolibarr:


***** ChangeLog for 12.0.2 vs. 12.0.1 *****

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Lower margin calculation of <body> returns NaN because body is not loaded yet

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: DebugBar hides content at the bottom of the page

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Allow more harmless HTML tags

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Wrong return to link

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: wrong parameter

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Can go to page even when plug-in is disabled

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: change the position of the line in the BOM

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: The "drop table" checkbox was not checked when using the php method to generate a backup backup

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Users ClickToDial tab disappeared


FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: date in supplier price journal tooltip.

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Debug module auto-pick order. Resolve conflicts with credit transfer

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Receipt Printer Module Debug Setup

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: dolGetElementUrl and calendar page for plugins

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Do not clear $ key and $ label variables when exiting extrafields

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Size of duration fields with Firefox

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Change extra field to type long text loose carriage returns

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Sometimes fails to reprocessed account code from social contribution

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Filter too large for additional fields with type or html text

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: If using rounding step, localtax1 + 2 not included in total

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Additional fields input field should retain data if form submission fails.

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Labeling of opportunities in chart with incorrectly encoded special characters

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: lost locataxes on lines when cloning a supplier invoice

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Look and feel v12

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: PRODUCT_TEXTS_IN_THIRDPARTY_LANGUAGE configuration missing support in purchase order

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Object navigation fails to find the following reference in some cases

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: null required

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: order by amount ht uses wrong column

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Order by amount in product proposal statistics must be done on d.total_ht and not on

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Payment confirmation page is empty

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Parameter for fetch_name_optionals_label must be object-> table_element

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: HRM module picto

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Product label and description were never updated when changing translation

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Redirection to primary search contact card

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Repositioning and navigation

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Find Warehouse List

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Configure clicktodial blocking on the smartphone

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Configuring currency limit and precision

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Shipment creation: checks not performed on weight and sizes

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Should not be able to change shipping quantity when no stock is available

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Image size on Modules help pop-up

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: SQL error on stat when referencing product entries

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: Warning if no bank account is defined

FIX DOLIBARR 12.0.2: We need to see the unit line on PDF even though it is an option

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Bad var element for fetch_name_optionals_label function with shipments

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Wrong link to third invoice templates

DOLIBARR 12.0.2 FIX: Disable svg as the default supported image (may contain javascript). Set MAIN_ALLOW_SVG_FILES_AS_IMAGES to 1 for svg to be accepted