The Kanban method is a complete process from task analysis to delivery, this method is created by the Toyota company in 1950 with the aim of optimizing production and managing a complex set of processes in an efficient and efficient.

In this context, this method, several companies, we create software that allows to adopt the near KanBan which is based on four main approaches:

- Reduce costs and production costs

- Avoid overproduction

- Control deadlines

- Have the best possible quality

The EPR Dolibarr in turn uses this method for the management of production processes via modules developed by the community or service providers, we have chosen two modules which are deployed on the Dolistore platform and which allow you to manage your chain production from A to Z:

- Module: KanProspects (Kanban View of Prospects): it is a free Module which is developed by the company: ProgSI and which allows you to view your Prospects in Kanban format for the states: "To contact", "Contact in progress ", ... The status of a prospect can be modified by drag and drop from one column to another. This Kanban view is filterable (by Creation date, Country, Department, Potential) and printable (by right click on the title of a Kanban column)

to download the module directly from the Dolibarr association platform: