In order to answer the question of our subject on Dolibarr ERP, is it really an open source tool or not? First let us explain: What is Open Source? What does open source software or tool mean?

Beginning with the first Question: What is Open Source?

It is an engineering method adopted by developers who use software development techniques based on the principle of sharing and contribution.

This community contributes to the development of open source software source codes and to give free access to the code that has produced to all contributors, developers and companies also want to participate in the improvement of open source projects.

What does open source software or tool mean?

Open source software or tools are public and accessible software; the tool in question can then be modified and distributed by any contributor or developer.

While the source code of open source software is made public: anyone can read and develop it, and even copy the code. the use and distribution of software is now authorized and it is not necessary at any time to obtain an additional license. Open source tools and software generally offer an alternative solution to conquer paid software.

And Dolibarr ERP, is it really an OPEN SOURCE tool?

The answer is YES, Dolibarr is a type of integrated management software package (ERP) or also called ERP Enterprise resource planning, is a platform founded by the Dolibarr association and developed by a community of developers who want to help companies of all sizes ( SMEs to the large group) or also for the self-employed, entrepreneurs or associations to have a modular IT tool that allows them to manage their activities from A to Z for free.

And in order to encourage the international community to contribute to the improvement of Dolibarr, the team of developers has created Marketplace platforms or MarketPlace so that other developers and small companies can sell their modules developed under Dolibarr and which offer sometimes business features demanded on the market.

Among the Dolibarr marketplaces, there are two Merchant sitew:


NB: Dear customers, we inform you that our site has no relation with the site and the association Dolibarr, we are aware that the only Market Place which represents the association Dolibarr d an official way is