The Dolibarr software, initially, creates a model of financial accountancy chart model. The user can check and modify the content and information of the financial accountancy setup charts.  The financial accountancy setup chart model allows the user to select the default option for recording data in journals and general ledger. The Dolibarr software checks and verifies VAT rates, Miscellaneous taxes, and special expenses from the standardized data. The user can also collectively add loan payments in the accounting software.

Thereafter, the user is required to fill the entries with products and services offered by the company with their respective costs. After completion of the setting up and sorting of the data in the software, the Dolibarr software starts executing, connecting, and organizing the data obtained after client interactions. The software supports customer invoices, reports of expenses, and purchases made by the customers. The users can include the additional transactions in the general ledger by using the 'journalize transactions in general ledger' option. 

Dedicated Features

According to the Dolibarr review, it is clear that the independent feature of the portal providing accountancy services seems to tackle all sorts of tasks like products to sales and reports and salaries. Finance is one of the integral parts of the companies and even minor problems in the finance area might cause a reduction in profit which will be a disadvantage for the company. While most companies prefer to have a manual overview of the accounting information systems, it is only wise to have an enterprise resource planning system to tackle all these in one place.

If you have read the comparison of Dolibarr Vs. Odoo, it is understandable that the former provides predefined charts of accounts and one can set up a personal chat of account and work on the same. It is also possible for a user without any accounting knowledge can set this after and work on record creation and Management. By using this feature, the companies can reduce a lot of manual careers and eventually improve the financial status and productivity in the company.

Tips While Using Dolibarr ERP

The first tip to use is that you have to validate the accounting number before sending it to the ledger and this might require some manual overview. This depends on the frequency of your choice in which the accounting records can be analyzed and the wizard to track the input errors can be used. On the other hand, it is also possible to manually fix everything that requires a particular change. Further, it is advisable that you analyze the ledger and balance for which you can use predefined reports for analysis. It is also possible to track the input error in the frequency of the user’s choice while analyzing all sorts of accounting records starting from sales to expense reports and Bank transactions. This Wizard can be used as an easy option to fix the particular change and it can be done manually as well.

Post Completion

Once the ledger is completely done and verified, the user can easily export it into any predefined accounting software format. Just in case the company is using different accounting software, this would be helpful and this is in consideration of the fact that the core services of the company are related to finance and accounting. Also, some companies would like to have a record of these reports in a format that can be checked by the stakeholders who might not have relevant accounting software knowledge and would like to review the reports manually. The available formats could be SAGE, CSV to CEGID and so many more and the options can be found out in the drop-down menu.

Using the accounting software with Dolibarr is quite easy and it is just the same as told in the Dolibarr reviews you can find online. Apart from the fact that it provides a lot of features for the companies to work on, it also provides leverage for people who do not have much accounting knowledge and provides the space for the users to manually overview the work if they would like to. Even after the accounting report is complete, there are a lot of features like filtering the date range to downloading it into a desirable software format available for all the users. It is one part of the wide range of features provided by the ERP that can also act as a CRM.


Dolibarr Accounting Software is one of the most recommended and reliable sources of managing and organizing the data related to financial matters, expenses, mode of payments, statistical analysis, and many more. It is an open network that can be used by business persons and freelancers. The Dolibarr ERP facilitates LDAP connectivity that refers to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol which is an open-source internet protocol that distributes information services. The software can be easily handled by non-professionals or people lacking technical information as it is accessible to Window users, Ubuntu users, etc.  The software keeps economic and financial data safe and encrypted with maximum security. It helps to manage all the financial transactions, statements, and listings with a general ledger. It is compatible with all cloud networks such as Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, Mac OS, Web OS agnostics, and other Android operating systems.  The software also has an amazing option of bar code management that is very helpful in buying and selling various items of the company. Always consult an ERP consultant about data security to make sure your ERP is completely safe from any kinds of cyber attacks and malicious practices. Avoid over-customization and always take your time to understand the security considerations. Dolibarr Data security is very secure but it is always better to go a step ahead to make your software even safer.