IT tools have increasingly become essential devices for the management of 21st century companies. These tools facilitate organization, management, growth and increase productivity as well as the quality of the company in its environment.

Among these IT devices, there are thousands of paid and free software that are developed on different technologies: JAVA, PHP, COBOL, MAINFRAME, ASP ... etc. in order to offer SMEs, SMIs and large structures IT tools in their core business.

While the acceleration of computerization gives birth to the development of very efficient and very competitive tools in the software development market, which are called ERP, CRM which are based on the principle of Open Source.

The movement called: Open Source has developed in parallel with the free software movement which is based on values ​​and policies of justice and free access to technology and information.

Thanks to the principles of two movements Open Source and free software, very powerful ERP were born and never are to grow until this day, we find below the lists of the best ERP CRM most used by the SMEs and Global Stratup :

- Open ERP which became Odoo


- ERP Sage

- Oracle netsuite ERP

- Epicor ERP

- BizAutomation Cloud ERP

- ERPNext

- OpenPro ERP

- ERP Gold


- Vault-ERP

- ZapERP

- Acumatica

- And Dolibarr ERP

The best we prefer is the Dolibarr ERP, for several advantages:

1- Tailor-made ERP that complements your accounting software for the atypical business;

2- open-source ERP: freedom, security and sustainability;

3- It's a Free ERP: no license cost

4- Dolibarr is quite simply a robust, open and economical solution.

Below is some advice we can give you on the Dolibarr ERP:

1- if you want to install Dolibar follow the following link: install Dolibarr

2- if you want to test Dolibar follow the following link: demo dolibarr

3- if you want to Download Dolibar follow the following link: download dolibarr;

4- if you want to look for a Dolibar service follow the following link: dolibarr services;

5- If you want to order or buy a Dolibarr module, go to our Market place: Dolibarr Store.