The Dolibarr Quote module, also called "Commercial proposals", is a free module delivered with Dolibarr ERP and CRM.

To activate the module, we invite you to follow the following steps:

- go to your Dolibarr, then log in with your administrator account, go to the page: Home => Configuration => Modules.

Look for the "Commercial Proposals" module tab in which the module appears, then click: Activate.

Creation of a commercial proposal or quote on Dolibarr:

The creation of a commercial proposal in Dolibarr is done from a third party. that is, the third party must already be defined as "Customer" or "Prospect". The "third party" module must of course also have been activated.

To create a Quote, go to the "Customer or Prospect" tab of the "Third Party" file concerned by the quote, Click on the "Create proposal" button.

Complete all the necessary or optional fields to create a draft proposal, then confirm the entry.

Note that when a commercial proposal is created, it is in the "Draft" state. Then it goes to the "validated" state. It can also be passed to the state either "signed" (the client has accepted it), or "refused" or simply the "Closed" if the case is "Close"

The best option of Dolibarr ERP is that we can convert the proposal into an invoice or an order, with a single click on the button, that is to say manually, or automatically via the configuration of Module " Dolibarr Business Proposals "