Among the key elements of the success of a software or ERP or CMS, it is that ease of use by a large international community without knowing how this tool is developed or how, I can modify or manipulate it. If we take for example the best CMS that have succeeded on the world market, we will undoubtedly find Wordpress, Drupal, prestashop… etc it is for one reason only, it is thanks to their ease of use, that is- ie if I want to modify the content of my website: pages, articles, buttons, links… We can do it easily and quickly without any knowledge in the code or the development language of this CMS, it is simply thanks to modules and plugins developed in graphics which facilitates the task of modifying the content of CMS.

With the same principle, our Dolibarr Store has developed the module for the Dolibarr ERP entitled "CUSTOMIZATION OF THE CONTENT FOR DOLIBARR" which offers you the possibility of being completely autonomous with Dolibarr, to personalize the content of your menus, your tables of board and your modules on all types of lists and menus of your Dolibarr:

Without having knowledge of Development for Dolibarr, nor the knowledge to carry out translations and modifications in the content of Dolibarr! The "CONTENT CUSTOMIZATION FOR DOLIBARR" module will make your life easier thanks to a simple and responsive graphical interface, so you can:

With a simple selection on the text a graphic icon will appear for you to:

Modify the titles of your main menus and menus on the left by being able to insert the value of the fields of the content in question;

Customize the content of your dashboards, change the widget names and the content with the labels that suits you;

Personalize the content of your Dolibarr lists;

Rename all the content of your Dolibarr with the names you want without breaking your head with the code and the translation files;


- you can easily rename the "Projects" menu to "Collaborative."

- Translate the labels of your menus quickly without going through the translation modules and without any intervention in the Dolibarr translation files.

- you can easily rename the word "My Dashboard" by "Table of Indicators" ... etc.

Try our Dolibarr content personalization module: