According to the official Dolibarr website, the maintenance releases only contain fixes for bugs found in the branch of the previous release. they recommend everyone to use the latest versions of Dolibarr 12.0. * series to upgrade to the latest maintenance version and get all the features, improvements and fixes. Like any maintenance version, neither the new features nor the modifications of the data structure are present in this version of Doliabrr 12.0.3, below is the complete list of fixes made on the series: 12.0.3 from Dolibarr:


***** ChangeLog for 12.0.3 vs. 12.0.2 *****

FIX: 10.0 - when the name of the mime file is different from the name of the file system, the attachment name must be the name of the mime file

FIX: 11.0 - expense lines overlapping the total amounts frame

FIX: 12.0 - Rounded virtual inventory value on product inventory restocking list


FIX: # 14474 Error deleting


FIX: # 14703

FIX: - SQL ledger balance error on entity

FIX: Wrong subscription number (forgotten when terminating the member)

FIX: Incorrect route url to delete byproduct with API

FIX: Category for unregistered supplements

FIX: Compatibility with modules without document generation

FIX: Cron loading lang


BUGFIX: error handling. Do not try to approve the PO if validation fails.

FIX: Expense lines overlapping frame for total amounts.

FIX: "Invoiced" order filter was not saved

FIX: Infinite fetch object linked loop

FIX: The intervention loses the html tags during the update

FIX: JS CRASH - misuse of moreparam

FIX: lang fr warranty retained

FIX: Look and feel v12: The first tab must be the name of the object

FIX: Missing entity check

FIX: missing parameter for hook

FIX: Missing transaction on PO shares

FIX: MySql Strict mode

FIX: param entity in html form file

FIX: Problems with FEC format

FIX: Round inventory value on product list

FIX: - Send email from contact: select the email template

FIX: Define reps on company card creation

FIX: Configure increase / decrease inventory

FIX: amount sign with credit note and multi-currency

FIX: Static property called as non-static

FIX: Left menu of the task

FIX: Title button attribute ID empty

FIX: Unit price divided by quantity when accepting supplier price proposal

FIX: Update additional fields online only if supported

FIX: Update BOM row

FIX: Use of decimal on inventory correction

BUGFIX: Fixed viewing rights on the last modified contact box

FIX: Wrong redirect

FIX: Yogosha 4425 report (backport)


You can download all of our available versions from the downloads area of ​​the website