ERP or CRM Dolibarr is an open-source project that runs on an Internet server and can therefore be obtainable from any Ranking or IT device with a Web connection, or only in area: on a device without connection.

Dolibarr features:

The application is available under the GNU / GPL license (GNU General Public License).

The design of Dolibarr is oriented modular 5. It is positioned on ease of installation and manhunter simplicity of use.

Dolibarr is a CRM Oriented: Customer / prospect management

Thanks to Dolibarr, you will have a finish database grouping together all your prospective clients or customers. You will be able to manage your connections and develop your turnover thanks to marketing tools.

Dolibarr is an Orient software in industry:

You can easily create your quotes in your catalog of products and services. All you have to do is convert your quotes into invoices and then follow the regulations!

Dolibarr Architecure:

Dolibarr is a program allowing to offer an alternative of management of company, PME-PMI, TPE, affiliation or association.

Dolibarr is available for any Internet platform (Windows, MAC, Linux, Aix ...) and runs thanks to systems: PHP, MySQL, HTTP Internet Server. It has been designed to work with the largest selection of web hosts or servers. It currently only supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

It has an auto-installer that allows you to follow an easy web guide to help you install it easily, for Windows, MAC and GNU / Linux users without technical knowledge, in order to install Dolibarr and all its prerequisite (Apache, MySQL, PHP) level a simple self-executing file. This variant is called DoliWamp for Windows users, DoliDeb for Debian / Ubuntu users, and DoliRpm for Fedora / Redhat / Mageia / Opensuse users.