Dolibarr is enterprise management software (ERP) that allows small and large companies to manage all areas of the business with a single software.

Associations can also use Dolibarr to manage their members, contributions,… ..

Dolibarr is a CRM: Customer / prospect management

Thanks to Dolibarr, you will have a complete database of all your prospects and customers. You will be able to manage your contacts and develop your turnover using marketing tools.

Dolibarr is commercial software

You can easily create your quotes by drawing on your catalog of products and services. Then simply convert your quotes into invoices and follow the regulations!


  • Multi-user, in web mode, therefore accessible anywhere and on any medium.
  • Structuring on the process part because it forces everyone to operate in the same way. The extensibility of the functions via plugins offers possibilities of having functional supplements for well-controlled costs.
  • The ergonomics are relatively simple and the configuration can be carried out in a few hours / days.

In conclusion, Dolibarr is simple, reliable and efficient software with an affordable cost of use and learning for any business. He deserves to be known and promoted. However, it will not replace software specialized in a trade (construction, food industry) or function (CRM, accounting) but it can be interfaced with these to benefit from a complete solution for its business management. To download it, follow this link.